How to Wrap Flower Arrangements With Ribbon


Nothing speaks of spring more than lovely pastel ribbon. What better way to decorate a spring floral arrangement than with ribbons to match the occasion? Consider creating a bouquet of fresh lilies from the garden with some fern or evergreen for foliage. The whole house will be bright with the fresh colors and scents of spring.

Step 1

Remove all leaves and branches from the stems of the flowers.

Step 2

Wrap each individual stem with floral tape beginning just above the stem's center point and wrapping for 2 inches down the stems. The tape should never be to the bottom of the stems and ideally should be placed above the water line.

Step 3

Place the flowers together in the way you desire them to be arranged and wrap the ribbon one-half inch above the floral tape. Pin the end of the ribbon in place and cover the pinned area with another layer of ribbon. Then begin wrapping downward with the ribbon until it reaches one-half inch below the floral tape. Pin the end of the ribbon in place with another floral pin.

Step 4

Place either a handmade or purchased bow in the center of the ribbon wrap and hold it in place with floral pins.

Step 5

Fill the vase with just enough water to cover the tips of the flowers with one inch of water. Refill the vase daily to ensure the waterline is where the flowers can absorb the water.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral tape
  • Silk ribbon
  • Floral pins
  • Wide-mouth vase


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