How to Make a Bouquet With Ranunculus


Ranunculus are lovely blooming plants with long branches full of beautiful and fragrant flowers. Smaller than roses and exceedingly colorful, these beautiful blooms complement any bouquet whether for a wedding or a date. With these flowers being charmingly small in size compared with other blooms, the best way to bring out their unique appearance is to place them along with other larger blooming flowers.

Step 1

Soak the live bouquet stem in water for 24 hours prior to making the bouquet.

Step 2

Place one rose in the center of the bouquet and three other roses around the center rose, forming a triangle around the center rose.

Step 3

Place the three additional large blooming flowers between the carnations.

Step 4

Place the ranunculus between the other flowers, evenly throughout the bouquet.

Step 5

Form some bows with the ribbon and place them into the bouquet using floral pins.

Things You'll Need

  • Live bouquet stem
  • 4 roses
  • 3 other large blooming flowers such as carnations
  • 8 ranunculus
  • Silk or chiffon ribbon for bows
  • Floral pins


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