How to Make a Rose Arm Bouquet


Roses make lovely bouquets for many occasions--you can present them to honorees at an awards banquet; give them as a way to thank someone for a job well done; or present a bouquet to a dancer or actor after a performance. Rose arm bouquets are not expensive or difficult to make. After you have presented your bouquet, the recipient may want to put the roses in water so they will last longer.

Step 1

Cut the rose stems at a 45-degree angle. Place them in ice water for at least an hour. This hydrates the roses so they stay fresh. Use a paring knife to snap off all the thorns from the stems. Remove leaves near the rose flowers if they are hiding the roses.

Step 2

Lay the greenery flat on a table.

Step 3

Place five roses on the greenery so the flowers are about 4 inches below the top of the greenery. The roses should be in a row.

Step 4

Put baby's breath on top of the roses so the flowers are at the same height as the roses.

Step 5

Place four roses on top of the baby's breath. They should be about 3 inches below the first row of roses.

Step 6

Place baby's breath on top of the second row of roses.

Step 7

Place three roses on top of the second row of baby's breath. They should be about 3 inches below the second row of roses. Finish with baby's breath.

Step 8

Tie the greenery, roses and baby's breath together with string. Keep the back of the bouquet as flat as possible.

Step 9

Cut the stems of the bouquet all to one length.

Step 10

Place a rubber band over the string, doubling it over once or twice as necessary. It should fit snugly. Cover the rubber band and string with a satin ribbon. Tie a bow with the ends of the ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife or scissors
  • 12 roses
  • Greenery
  • Baby's breath
  • String
  • Rubber band
  • 2-inch-wide satin ribbon


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