The Best Disease Resistant Flowering Trees

Before you plant any type of tree, shrub or flower into your garden, make sure it's disease resistant. Spending hundreds of dollars on a tree only to have it die six months later because it was diseased isn't going to help your wallet, your landscaping plan or neighboring trees or plants. Before choosing trees for your yard, do your homework about the most common types of flowering trees that resist disease.

Flowing Crabapple Varieties

A beautiful, hardy tree, a flowering crabapple in Adams, Bob White, Camelot, Dolgo, Donald Wyman and Jackis are just a handful of the types most disease resistant, according to the University of Missouri Extension Agricultural department.


Varieties of hawthorn trees are considered disease resistant, especially the Washington hawthorn, though its leaves and fruits may be susceptible to rust fungus in some locations.

Paperbark Maple

The paperbark maple is an excellent example of a tree with bark that rolls and exfoliates, much like a native birch, though the paperbark maple is native of China.

Persian Parrotia

The Persian parrotia offers a stunning spring display of reddish-crimson stamens in early spring. Especially hardy and mostly disease-free and disease resistant, the tree is low maintenance, and after the leaves change and fall, the bark itself offers a fall and winter display of various shades of colors.

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