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Some flowers, shrubs and late-winter flowering bulbs come to life during the winter season when other flowering plants are dormant. These plants will brighten a normally dreary landscape, adding an elegant touch to the winter garden.


"Winter flowering" in reality will depend upon your location and the severity of the winter in your area. Some winter flowering plants, when planted in locations that have mild winters might blossom in January, but the same plant in an area with a severe winter might blossom in late fall.

Hardiness Zones

When considering winter flowering shrubs and bulbs, check the hardiness zone of these plants. Not all winter flowering shrubs and bulbs can survive severe winter temperatures.


Heath is an evergreen that blooms from late fall to early spring, and it will survive in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. The bell-shaped flowers form on spikes, and come in colors of magenta, light pink and reddish purple.

Flowering Shrubs

Witch hazel has some varieties that are hardy to zone 3 or 4. This flowering shrub produces blossoms on bare branches from late fall to winter. Japanese pieris is a broadleaf evergreen shrub, which produces winter blossoms in red, white or pink.


Glory-of-the-snow (Chionodoxa lucillae) is a bulb that blooms in late winter with star-like flowers. Then there is the late winter/early spring bulb known as reticulated iris, whose bright blue blossoms will appear for approximately 3 weeks.


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