How to Use a Lawn Scarifier


To maintain a healthy, vigorous lawn you must remove any accumulated moss and thatch once a year in the fall. This job can be done with a spring-tined rake, but it takes a lot of time and muscle. A quicker, easier way to clear your lawn is with a self-propelled lawn scarifier. This power tool is quite easy to use and works much like a lawn mower. With a few passes, it can clear your lawn in a fraction of the time it takes to do the job by hand.

Step 1

Prepare the lawn. Remove any weeds by hand and mow the lawn to a low level. Then water the lawn so that it is moist, not wet.

Step 2

Put on ear protectors and sturdy, close-toed shoes before operating the lawn scarifier.

Step 3

Set the lawn scarifier's blades to or around 5mm.

Step 4

Engage the lawn scarifier's engines and blades and go over the lawn. Start in one corner and push the lawn scarifier around the perimeter of the lawn. Then go over the interior, working in straight rows across the lawn. Before making a turn, retract the lawn scarifier's blades.

Step 5

Remove the uprooted debris with a rake. Rake in the same direction as you ran the lawn scarifier.

Step 6

Go over the lawn again, as you did in step number four. But this time, set the scarifier's blades to 10mm and run it over a small section of the lawn to check to see if the blades penetrate the soil. If they do, then retract the blades a millimeter at a time until they no longer penetrate the soil. Then, go over the lawn in the opposite direction of the first pass.

Step 7

Remove the uprooted debris with a rake. Rake in the same direction as you ran the lawn scarifier.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake


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