How to Direct Seed a Ground Cover


A ground cover is a type of low-growing plant that is planted to supplement or replace a garden bed or lawn. Types of ground covers include several types of mosses, ferns and wildflower varieties such as chamomile. Direct-seeding a ground cover in your yard is easily achievable with few required tools.

Step 1

Choose the area in your yard where you wish to seed the ground cover. An area measuring 8' by 5' can be prepared with five pounds each of peat moss and potting soil.

Step 2

Dig up about six inches of earth with your trow or hoe in the area where you are planting the seeds.

Step 3

Dump the peat moss and potting soil into a mound on the freshly turned ground.

Step 4

Mix the soil, peat moss and loose earth together with your trow or hoe and evenly spread it over the surface of the area where you are seeding the ground cover.

Step 5

Tear open the packet of Christmas rose seeds and scatter it widely over the prepared area. Use a second packet of seed for a thicker ground cover.

Step 6

Shower the area with your watering can or a hose with a mist attachment nozzle. Water daily until the seeds sprout.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden trow or hoe
  • Potting soil (5 lb.)
  • Peat moss (5 lb.)
  • Christmas rose seed packet
  • Watering can and water


  • Ground Cover Seeds
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