Worm Composting Supplies in Maine

Worm composting, or vermiculture, is a form of composting that will work in the short growing season in Maine. Worms can be used in outdoor or interior compost bins. The red worm is smaller than an earthworm or night crawler and a vigorous compost aid that is found in manure piles. You can find commercial worm suppliers in Maine and around the country.


Red worm wigglers can be found in manure piles. If you have the time and inclination, call a local farmer and ask if you can do some digging. Take a sealed container, pitch fork and spade along to dig into a rotting manure pile in search of red worms. A local compost pile will also be a source for red worms for your own vermiculture bin. A local Master Composter may have a pile that is a haven for red worms. Call the local county extension office to inquire about Master Composters in your area of Maine. Explain to the extension member exactly what you are looking for, and he may have a supplier list available in your area.

Fairs, Home & Garden Shows

Vendors of vermiculture supplies may be available at the Common Ground Fair in Unity during the late summer or at large home and garden shows that take place in Bangor and Portland during the late winter and early spring months. Attend the shows and study the vendor list. Visit the booths of gardeners and composters to see if they sell worm composting supplies. Ask greenhouse growers, landscape business representatives and composters in attendance at the show if they have a vermiculture product supplier that they do business with. Check with your own local growers, florists and commercial growers who may have access to vermiculture suppliers.

Worm Mainea, FW Horch & Feed Stores

You will find worm composting supplies for home use or a science fair project at Worm Mainea and FW Horch. These two Maine-based businesses sell vermiculture supplies and worms through their websites. FW Horch is a sustainable living business located in Brunswick. Worm Mainea is an online business with a sole proprietor located in Scarborough. Your local feed or farm store may also have the suppliers necessary to purchase the composting products and worms that you need.

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