How to Select a Gas Leaf Blower


Using a gas leaf blower can become addictive. They require no electrical cords and provide the luxury of not having to sweep. Using one in the landscape can cut down on the time that it would normally take you to accomplish a task. In a large area, they are indispensable. Selecting a gas leaf blower is probably the most difficult part of the job.

Step 1

Consider the size of the area where you will be using the gas blower. Also, consider how much leaves and other debris you will be moving. The larger the area is, the more power you will probably desire, which will determine the style.

Step 2

Figure out what style will fit your needs best and their weight. Gas blowers come in handheld and backpack styles. Handheld blowers can be heavy to hold for long periods, but will do fine in smaller areas. Handheld models can vary up to ten pounds in weight. Professional lawn teams use backpack models and people with larger areas. They can be cumbersome to put on, but distribute their weight on your back and free your hands.

Step 3

Select a gas blower that has the right amount of power for your requirements. Some of the cheaper models do not have much power, but might be fine for small areas with little debris. Large areas where sand is involved and an abundance of debris will require a more powerful blower to get the job done effectively.

Step 4

Consider the nozzle and tube design, for noise and efficiency. Gas blowers that have a wider tube will be less noisy than models with thinner tubes. Nozzles that are flared on the end will herd the leaves together more efficiently that a straight nozzle.

Step 5

Select the best blower you can afford. Blowers come in a wide price range of around a hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. Handheld models are cheeper than backpacks. Choose one that will complete all your landscaping tasks and not wear you out while using it.

Things You'll Need

  • Various gas blowers


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