The Best Corn Variety for Northern Gardens

Cultivated for thousands of years, corn is the only grain native to the Americas. It is a plant that has been altered so much by hybridization that it doesn't exist in the wild in a form close to the sweet corn we eat today. Hybridizers have developed varieties of sweet corn for many climates and growing conditions.

Standard Yellow

For an extra-early crop in about 58 days, plant "Erlivee." For a standard yellow corn with excellent quality, plant "Seneca Horizon." This variety will begin to bear in only 65 days. Plant the variety "Sundance" for the best tolerance of cool soil temperatures early in the season. It matures in 69 days.


White corn takes a little longer to mature than yellow or bi-color, but a few varieties are suitable for northern gardens. For planting in soils that have not yet completely warmed up, try "Pearl White." This variety also tolerates drought. Harvest 7 to 8 inch ears in about 75 days. For a variety with tender kernels and outstanding taste, plant "Platinum Lady," which will mature in about 86 days.


One of the earliest bi-color corn varieties is "Quickie." You'll be picking its 7-inch ears in a mere 64 days. Three days later, harvest 6 ½-inch ears of the variety "Sugar & Gold." This bi-color variety prefers northern areas and the cooler, shorter growing season.

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