How to Spin Compost Bins


Compost tumblers are an asset when you have limited space for a unit. It is important to study the variety of compost tumblers on the market when you make the decision to purchase one. A major piece consideration is the mechanism used to rotate a particular bin. A unit may be turned or tumbled by turning a crank or rocked back and forth with the weight of your body.

Step 1

Set your compost tumbler on a level surface to prevent it from tipping over. Fill it with compostable materials as instructed on the accompanying paperwork. Decide on the time of day you will set aside for turning your compost. It is important to try to spin the compost bin every day and it can be easier to remember if it is a part of your daily routine.

Step 2

Place your hands on the top of a crank-free tumbler and slowly push it back and forth on the vertical axis until you can easily give it one full spin around. Rock the unit back and forth a few times and spin it one more time.

Step 3

Gently push on the back of a horizontal-circuit base compost tumbler and spin it completely around on the built-in rollers. Spin it in place once more.

Step 4

Roll a barrel or ball compost tumbler unit two complete revolutions on the ground. Roll it back in place once again. You will need a certain degree of strength and mobility to use a barrel or ball tumbler. It may be beneficial to sink posts into the ground to keep the barrel from rolling down an incline in your yard.

Step 5

Turn the handle on a crank-driven compost tumbler until the unit turns completely around. Repeat one or two more times. The compostable materials will spin completely around and gently begin to break down.

Tips and Warnings

  • Young children should not turn a compost bin. A child could catch a hand in the turning mechanism and be severely injured.


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