Planter Landscaping Ideas

Using planters to fill in spaces around your yard with lovely plants is the perfect way to jazz up your outdoor space. Nestle them around an outdoor pool or pergola. Use the planter alongside an outdoor dining and living area for an inviting and colorful touch. Don't forget to add in fragrant blooms for sweet scents to enjoy while relaxing outside.

Moveable Planter

Design a charming planter that can easily be moved around the outdoor landscapes for a new and fresh look. Use an old wheelbarrow to create an unexpected touch to an outside garden. Choose plants that complement the wheelbarrow and surrounding colors found in the garden. Use a draping lantana or thyme plant for a cascading addition. Add height with a bright green fern. Another neat idea is to use an old vintage chair as a makeshift planter. Nestle the blooms within a pot to situate within the seat of the chair for a visually interesting planter. Use one on either side of an entryway or front door for an inviting feel to the space.

Edible Planter

Use landscaping planters for growing your favorite vegetables. Growing your own vegetables is a healthy way to jazz up your landscape while bringing you outdoors to tend to the little garden. Tuck small vegetable crops like lettuce, basil and thyme into the planter for a fresh and delicious design. Add root vegetables like turnips and parsnips to enjoy in salads and dishes. Next to the planters, add a comfortable outdoor bench for enjoying your edible garden and to use while weeding the bed. Planters are also perfect for vegetables because you can control the soil and moisture environment, producing delicious and healthy plants to use in your favorite dishes.

Patio Planter

Place planters around the perimeter of the patio for a vibrant and colorful addition to the outdoor space. Add colorful petunias to drape down the planter mixed with a dwarf cedar for height. Creating visually appealing planters help to define your patio space. Use perennial plants within the planter for a long-lasting design and one that will come back each year healthier and fuller. Use the impressive verbena plant mixed with colorful pansies for a low-maintenance planter. For a shaded area to enjoy, nestle a patio umbrella within the soil of a planter. Add a bottom layer of lava rock to the planter to hold the pole in place and help the plants retain moisture. Choose a large pot, at least 15 inches tall for a secure fit. Add a set of patio chairs on either side of the umbrella planter to enjoy all year round.

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