Flowering Ornamental Weeping Trees


A flowering ornamental weeping tree adds beauty, color and structure to the landscape. The graceful, arching form is ideal for an accent or specimen plant and adds tranquility to the area.


Flowering trees bloom in early spring before the leaves, in late spring, summer, fall, or even winter. Some have showy flowers, while others have inconspicuous blooms. Some have fragrant flowers.


Many flowering trees produce berries after blooming. The berries may be red, purple, blue or white, and some remain through the winter if not eaten by wildlife.

Foliage and Bark

Some ornamental trees have gold or purple foliage in the spring. The color may last through the summer or change to green. Some have bark with interesting textures, or are tinted red, orange or gold.


When choosing a tree, consider its height and spread, bloom time, flower and foliage colors, and leaf habit (deciduous or evergreen). Choose one suited to the amount of sun and soil type where it will be located.

Buying Tips

Buy a tree from a trustworthy nursery. Choose one with no signs of stress, such as wilting or dying leaves. See if the roots are compacted or growing in a circle. Consult the label for planting and care instructions.


  • Michigan State University Extension

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