Ideas for Landscaping With Crushed Rock

Crushed rock can be used to landscape a multitude of areas around your home. With its gorgeous texture and neutral earth tones, it blends within your outdoor space yet defines an area with beauty. Use the rock to create a patio under an outdoor pergola or along a garden. Layer the rocks to create your own interesting design and enjoy being outdoors all year long.


Landscape around your perennials' flower beds with crushed rock to create a stunning, vibrant garden border. Use the crushed rock around garden and vegetable beds and at the edge of your outdoor lawn to define the space and bring texture to your landscape. Using crushed rock is ideal around a flower border to help eliminate weeds and prevent run-off after watering. To create a garden border, begin by laying the rock at the edge of the lawn and as wide as you prefer. Typically, a one-foot-wide garden border is an ideal size. Spread at least two inches of crushed rock around the outdoor space and smooth out any clumps and lumps. Enjoy a contrasting and vibrant border to your garden.


Crushed rock creates a very sturdy and weed-free path throughout your outdoor landscape. With its neutral color, and ability to create small narrow or wide paths, it can be used anywhere in your yard. Create a crushed rock pathway through your vegetable or garden beds. Make a wide enough path for your wheelbarrow using at least 3 feet of crushed rock. This will also allow adequate space for kneeling to de-weed your garden or for strolling down for evening walks. Add a layer of landscape fabric underneath, and you'll have a clean and very low-maintenance garden path. Crushed rock can also be used to create a path to and from a back door or arbor. For small spaces, clear out a 15 to 20 inch wide path and lay down the crushed rock. Always rake over for a smooth and level design.


Adjacent to an outdoor patio or deck, create your own courtyard. Lay down the crushed rock throughout the space for a custom look to your outdoor landscape. Add perennial plants within the courtyard space for pops of color and to provide contrast to the crushed rock. Lavender and ornamental grasses are elegant and long-lasting perennials, which look beautiful grown within a courtyard. Add an outdoor fountain over the rocks for a focal point to the space. Surround the outdoor fountain with crushed rocks to help absorb any water that splashed over. Over the crushed rock, lay a few pieces of slate for a walkway over to the fountain from your outdoor patio.

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