The Best Months to Plant Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most sought after fruits during most of the year. They used to be much more of a seasonal crop but thanks to international shipping, we can now enjoy the fragrant fruit year around. If you are thinking of planting strawberries in your own yard you will be able to enjoy them at the peak of their freshness. You must know when to plant them for your area since the growing season is different for different areas.

Plant strawberries from October 1 through November 15 in Florida. This will give the plants enough time to get their roots established before the fruiting season in spring. Keep in mind that spring for Florida and other southern areas starts as early as January for the strawberry harvest.

Prepare the ground for planting strawberries in the central states area just as soon as the soil can be worked. This tends to be around April when most of the freezing weather has passed. A few frosts should not hurt the strawberry plants since they are hardy to about 25 degrees.

Plant to plant your strawberries after May 15 if you live in the Northern States. By that time, the ground has thawed out for the most part and you should be able to work the soil. Far northern areas that are still seeing frost and snow might have to wait until June or early July to start their strawberry growing season.

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