Fruit Decorating Ideas

Fruit is a decorative way to design festive table tops during the holiday seasons and throughout the year. Combining different colors found in fruits mixed with a simple place setting creates a sumptuous and stunning addition to your home. Combine fruit with a bouquet of seasonal flowers or gorgeous vegetables like artichokes for a colorful mix and inviting table.


A simple grouping of colorful fruits like pomegranates and pears create a classic and elegant centerpiece to your dining table. Enliven your table with a fall gathering of warm colors of the honeycrisp apple mixed with the smaller-sized yellow and orange crabapples. Mix them together inside a cylindrical and clear tall vase for a vibrant centerpiece. The small crabapples will help to fill in the tight spaces within your vase, creating a sea of sunset-colored delights within. Another fun centerpiece idea is to arrange pears over a table runner and down the length of the middle of your table. Mix in sprigs of cedar and holly for an elegant addition to the festive pars. Use similar colored flowers picked up in the pear tones for an all around gorgeous centerpiece.


Create a magical and fragrant entryway using citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Use boxwood as the garland to wrap around the front door or entryway of your home. Boxwood has brilliant green leaves that contrast perfectly with the bright colors of citrus fruit. Within the boxwood garland, begin by attaching sprigs of tangerines and kumquats. These small orange citrus plants add bursts of color throughout the design. Work your way around the garland and until there are bright burst of orange cascading around the boxwood garland. At the top corner of each side of the garland, attach a sprig of Meyer lemons. The bright pop of yellow in the lemons accent nicely with the garland and creates a sweet-smelling entryway guests and friends will enjoy during the holiday season.


Nothing is more festive than a holiday wreath on your front door welcoming your guests into your home. Use a wired wreath frame to create a colorful and long-lasting fruit wreath. Begin by tucking in springs of cedar and fir into the wire. Work counterclockwise for a lovely cascading effect to the greenery. Use granny smith apples and limes, with their bright green colors, to add a warm and vibrant touch to the wreath. Make a hole through the center of the apples and limes to pass a piece of garden wire through the fruit. Next, wrap the wire around the foliage and frame for a secure fit. Twist the ends together and tuck inside the wreath. Enjoy your lush and ever-vibrant wreath.

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