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Fruit plants are deciduous, flower-bearing gems. They are beautiful in the garden and provide a great food source. These plants are fast growing if cared for properly and can be trained to grow against a wall or a fence. Miniature plants are also available if space is an issue.

Time Frame

Autumn is the best time to plant most fruit trees. Low temperatures contribute to less evaporation. This means roots can recover better from transplanting. Brambles such as raspberries and blackberries, however, prefer planting in the spring.


The flowers of fruit plants provide nectar and pollen for bees and other flower-visiting insects. These bees and insects, in turn, pollinate the plants so that they can reproduce.


Fruits are the means by which flowering plants protect and disperse seeds. This is one way to ensure the propagation of the species.


In order to produce well, fruit plants need adequate sunlight, sufficient water and a good nutrient solution. Pruning and training also are necessary as is keeping plants disease and pest free.


Fruit plants can be maintained indoors with adequate lighting. In fact, exotic houseplants can be grown from fruit seeds. Plants growing in containers should be watered only as needed.


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