How to Shade a Sun Garden


A sun garden is a vibrant and beautiful addition to your home and adds a fresh look to your outdoor landscape. Perennial flowers and plants, which love the sun, add a timeless look to your space. Adding shade trees and plants to the garden--such as evergreens, shrubs and other bushes--creates a makeshift border to admire all year long.

Step 1

Plant bushes and plants like smoke bush, forsythia or arborvitae, which can withstand full sun while shading parts of the garden. Grow native plants, which are drought resistant and require less water than non-native plants.

Step 2

Plant conifer trees and shrubs like Alberta spruce and cedar for adequate shade to your garden. Sun-loving and tall, these evergreen plants fill out the space while adding protection from the sun.

Step 3

Grow Japanese maple trees around the sun garden to help shade the space. The billowing and cascading branches provide adequate protection against the blaze of the sun and create a stunning addition to your garden.

Step 4

Use large bushes like lilac and butterfly bushes to create a barrier to your space. Both perennial bushes require full sun and beginning in the spring, will create gorgeous purple blooms. Over time, these bushes can grow up to 15 feet in height and fully shade the garden area.

Step 5

Plant a Carolina holly, which can grow up to 20 feet high and wide. This evergreen is drought-tolerant and can withstand high heat, which is ideal in a sun garden. Another beautiful and large holly is the Burford holly. This large evergreen can grow up to 25 feet high and has numerous fruit during the blooming season, perfect for shading the garden while bringing in a burst of color.

Things You'll Need

  • Evergreens
  • Trees
  • Shrubs


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