How to Buy Discount Garden Seed Online


Buying your garden seeds online is a good idea. The competition is great, perhaps greater than the local stores near your home that sell seeds. Online stores may also sell more and therefore can offer the seeds at a discounted price. There are some things, however, to consider when buying your discounted seeds online to get the best deal and to conduct a safe payment transaction.

Step 1

Search Google, Yahoo or a similar search engine using the keywords "discount seeds" or "cheap seeds." This will yield a plethora of results from lots of online nurseries and stores that claim they sell cheap seeds. Look through the different sites to find the seeds you want and how much they cost.

Step 2

Alternatively, search for the specific kind of seeds you want using a price comparison website such as Bizrate or Nextag. You can even use eBay. For example, type in "pinto bean seeds" in one of these websites. One search will yield the prices of many stores at once. Know that initial prices might not include all the out of pocket costs you will have to pay out, but you usually can change the search results to include tax and shipping based on your zip code.

Step 3

Compare the prices from the different stores to see which is the cheapest. Figure out how much the seeds will cost you, including tax and shipping. You might have to start the check-out process to find out how much shipping and taxes cost, but you do not need to complete an order.

Step 4

Divide the number of seeds you are getting by the total cost to get a per-seed price. For example, if 100 seeds cost a total of $7.50, then the per seed cost is 7.5 cents (100 seeds divided by 7.50).

Step 5

Consider buying more seeds or going in with friends to get a cheaper per-seed cost. The more seeds you buy, the more discounted they will be. In addition, if you buy your seeds out of season, they might be cheaper than during the ideal planting season, usually the spring.

Step 6

Select a store from which you wish to buy your seeds. You might want to search the Better Business Bureau for any complaints and always check to make sure they have a secure online payment system, which is usually symbolized with a lock symbol at the bottom of your browser window.

Step 7

Purchase the seeds using a credit card or PayPal account. You will need to provide your address for shipping.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
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