How to Transplant Irish Moss


Irish moss is a beneficial ground cover, especially for difficult areas such as rock fences or between paving stones. Irish moss spreads easily, it will be dense enough to keep weeds down, and it can even be walked on. Irish moss stays green year-round in shade or partial sunlight, and in May or June, it will be adorned with tiny white flowers. If you want to start Irish moss in a new location, or if your existing Irish moss has some bare patches, borrow starts from some existing Irish moss and transplant them to a new location.

Step 1

Fill a disposable plastic nursery flat with commercial potting soil. Mist the potting soil with a spray bottle.

Step 2

Pull some chunks of Irish moss carefully from an existing plant, and nestle them into the potting soil. Mist the soil again.

Step 3

Put the nursery tray in indirect, bright light. Don't put it in direct light or in hot afternoon sun. Mist the soil when necessary, and don't allow it to dry out.

Step 4

Watch for the Irish moss to begin to spread in a few weeks. At this time, it's ready to be transplanted into its new location.

Things You'll Need

  • Disposable plastic nursery flat
  • Spray bottle
  • Small pieces of Irish moss


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