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Why are my Gerbera Daisies Not Blooming?

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Why are my Gerbera Daisies Not Blooming?

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Gerbera daisies may fail to bloom if they receive too little sun, become rootbound or overcrowded in their pots, develop gray mold, are over-watered or under-fertilized. Use African violet fertilizer to encourage daisy flower bloom, and removed spent or moldy-looking petals and flowers.

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Melissa Jordan-Reilly has been a writer for 20 years, both as a newspaper reporter and as an editor of nonprofit newsletters. Among the publications in which she has published are, "The Winsted Journal," "Taconic" and "Compass Magazine." A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Jordan-Reilly also pursues sustainable agriculture techniques and tends a market garden at her Northwestern Connecticut home.

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