How to Make a Bean Trellis


When you grow pole beans, they can take off like a rocket, but they won't go straight up into the clouds unless you give them some help. Without a trellis or other type of support, your beanstalks will ramble all over the ground, and the developing beans will either rot on the damp earth or be consumed by slugs, snails and hungry insects. Building a trellis for your beans will prevent these problems, and the trellis can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

Making a Bean Trellis

Step 1

Create "hills" before you plant your pole bean seeds by digging the soil out of an area about 3 feet round. Shovel the soil from the outer edge onto the center of the circular area you are preparing, leaving a "moat" around the circumference. Then plant about eight bean seeds close to the edge of the central "hill" you have created. Create as many "hills" as you need for your pole beans.

Step 2

Tie three or four of your poles together about eight inches from the top using your twine, string or wire. Your support will look like a "teepee."

Step 3

Force each pole into the ground just inside of the area where the plants are growing. If your soil is hard or rocky, dig small, deep holes with a screwdriver. Be sure to sink your poles into the ground at least one foot and then fill in with soil around them. Step on the soil all around each support to help secure it firmly.

Step 4

Train your bean plants onto the trellis to get them started twining up the poles. You will only need to do this when they first begin to send out their tendrils because the plants will naturally climb on their own after you show them the way.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • 3 or 4 bamboo poles, 8 feet tal
  • Twine or other sturdy string or wire
  • Screwdriver (optional)


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