How to Plant Blue Grama Grass


Blue grama grass is a drought-tolerant grass that is native to the great plains area of the US. It is extremely drought and cold tolerant and is becoming popular as a low-maintenance lawn grass. It has a clumping rather than spreading growth habit. However, if mowed to 3 or 4 inches several times during the growing season it will create the appearance of turfgrass after several years of growth. It is slow to green up in the spring and makes a good companion for spring-blooming wildflowers.

Step 1

Choose a spring day when grasses are actively growing. Spray all competing vegetation with weed killer containing glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup).

Step 2

Wait two weeks for the weed killer containing glyphosate to kill all competing vegetation and then clear dead vegetation from planting area with a rake.

Step 3

Mix blue grama grass seed with soil in a bucket at the ratio of one part seed to three parts soil. You'll need 2 pounds of blue grama grass seed for each 500 square feet of area you want to seed.

Step 4

Broadcast grama grass seed and soil mixture over the planting area. You should be broadcasting the seed over bare soil.

Step 5

Water with a light spray of water twice daily until grass begins to appear in 7-14 days. Continue to water as much as twice daily until grass is established.

Things You'll Need

  • Blue grama grass seed
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Weed killer containing glyphosate
  • Rake
  • Source of water


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