The Best Mixed Container Gardens

Container gardens are the perfect way to jazz up outdoor landscapes like a front porch or backyard patio. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, use them to plant your favorite plants and flowers. Mix in various heights and textures for a well-balanced and vibrant container. Nestle them within an existing garden or along a stone path for an inviting and colorful addition to your space. Be creative when choosing your container plants and experiment with your design.

Herb Mix

Add different herbs to your container garden for a miniature herb garden mix. Herbs love to be crammed into together and thrive in the smaller confines of a container. Mix in different heights and textures of herbs for the perfect arrangement. Use a tall herb like cilantro and dill in the back of the container for height. Rosemary and basil are also ideal with their ability to grow tall and full. In the middle of the container add medium-sized herbs like dill, sage or oregano. With their interesting textures and shades of green, these herbs are delicious in your favorite meals. Don't forget to add a draping herb to the front and sides of the container. Creeping thyme adds a gorgeous cascading effect to the container.

Perennial Mix

You can't go wrong with a long-lasting perennial container. Mix in these types of plants for a container that keeps on growing, year-to-year. With their ability to grow fuller each year, you don't need a lot of perennials to create a stunning container. Use the lantana plant for a billowing effect to the mix. Add in a low-growing and creeping stonecrop to fill out the base of the container. This perennial has stunning white flowers beginning in spring, and bright green foliage. Mix in a sprinkle of brightly-colored gerbera daisies for pops of color and unusual texture within the perennial container.

Annual Mix

Create a seasonal container filled with annuals to change each season for a fresh new design. With their short shelf life, annuals are the perfect flowers for creating interesting and unexpected containers. For a colorful and vibrant container mix, add petunias to the container. With their wide range of colors and sizes, petunias add a lovely design. Add height to the container with the perky and tall salvia plant. With their purple blooms, salvia look elegant inside the back of the container. Plant a low-growing ornamental kale to the front of the container for bursts of unusual texture and color. For hard-to-reach spaces within the container, sprinkle in small viola plants. With their colorful and unusual blooms, these lovely little flowers are the perfect annual for filling in small spaces.

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