How to Add Oil to a New Push Mower


New push mowers usually have to be assembled and the fluids added before you can start mowing the lawn. Adding oil for the first time is not difficult. It is important that the oil is changed after the first few hours of use. This will flush out any foreign matter that may be in the engine from the manufacturing process. After the initial change of oil most manufacturers recommend changing the oil after each 25 hours of use.

Step 1

Place the push mower on level ground. It is difficult to accuratlel check the fluid level when the lawn mower is not level.

Step 2

Clean the area around the oil fill plug with a shop rag. The fill plug is on the right side of the lawn mower motor looking from the back of the mower. It will either be a clearly marked cap or a smaller cap with two protruding pieces of plastic. Wipe the area down, even when filling the mower for the first time.

Step 3

Unscrew the oil cap from the mower by turning the cap counterclockwise. If your mower uses the smaller cap, insert the blade end of a screwdriver between the tow protruding pieces of plastic to loosen the oil fill cap. There is a dipstick to check the oil level that attaches to the bottom of the oil cap.

Step 4

Place a funnel into the oil sump hole and add up to 21-ounces of SAE 30 motor oil. Set the oil cap into the oil sump oil and screw the cap clockwise to close the cap fully. Unscrew the oil cap and check the oil level on the dipstick. Fill the oil sump as necessary until the oil dipstick reads full on the dipstick marker.

Step 5

Run the mower and cut your lawn. Keep track of the amount of time the lawn mower is in use. Change the oil after the mower has run for two hours total. Allow the mower to cool for an hour after running before changing the oil.

Step 6

Change the oil by parking the mower on level ground. Place a container beside the mower near the oil cap. Unscrew the oil cap and flip the mower over on the oil sump side to drain the oil into the container.

Step 7

Set the mower back on its wheels after the oil has drained. Clean the area around the oil fill hole with a shop rag. Set a funnel in the fill hole and add 21-ounces of SAE 30 motor oil. Check the oil level with the oil cap.

Tips and Warnings

  • Dispose of used motor oil according to the State and County laws where you live. Most auto parts store have an oil recycling program.

Things You'll Need

  • Shop rags
  • Screwdriver
  • Funnel
  • SAE 30 motor oil
  • Oil catching container


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