Lawn Border Ideas

Lawn borders are the perfect way to create contrast in your landscape using various colors and textures. Separating the garden space provides visually appealing and intimate areas to your lawn. Bring in height to your border using rocks and stones, or for a seamless design, use green plants like herbs as the border design. For an added aesthetic element, install a stepping stone path along the border to use for strolling down on warm summer evenings.


Using mulch is an elegant and affordable lawn border design idea. Available in a range of colors and textures, mulch is a simple way to create your own border without breaking your budget. Cedar and pine mulch, a few popular choices, come in large shredded pieces as well as small squares. For a delicious smelling mulch, try chocolate mulch, which will permeate the lawn with sweet scent. To create the lawn border, use the existing natural curves of the lawn. Begin spreading a two- to three-inch layer of mulch on the edge of the existing lawn and out at least three inches wide. For a more dramatic look, create a wider mulch border.


Create a natural, textured border for your lawn using stones. Flagstone and slate are perfect stones to use because of their flat shape and lovely earth-toned color. Begin by laying the stones on the edge of the lawn, nestling them side-by-side for a snug fit against each other. Don't worry about digging out a space for them; over time, they will slowly sink into the soil for a more secure fit. Another idea is to create a miniature stone wall using the stones. Begin by stacking the stones on top of each other, similar to brick-laying. Work your way down until the lawn is completely enclosed by the border. For added design, spread a one-inch layer of small multi-colored pebbles on the outside of the stone border. These will help to keep the weeds from shooting up and around the stones and extend the border out further.


Perennials are a colorful way to create a stunning lawn border. With their ability to grow back each year, fuller and healthier, your border design changes each year. This exciting border can be grown using a wide range of different perennials and will be in bloom all year long. Begin by planting spring bulbs like crocus and daffodils to begin their blooms in early spring. Bright bursts of tulips blooms will add to the border and contrast nicely with the lawn. Add colorful and drought-resistant summer blooming perennials like coneflowers, iris and daylilies for pops of color all summer long. Don't forget to add a creeping ground cover along the border, like blue star creeper. Creeping perennials also help to fill out and around your border, and are great spreading plants to use for your design.

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