Ideas for Building a Pergola Over a Patio

Situating a pergola over a patio is a great way to create a focal point to your outdoor landscape while enjoying the outdoors under the cozy and shaded confines of a vine-covered structure. Add colorful plants and flowers to the space and one that you can enjoy with friends and family. Create an inviting stone path to lead you to and from the patio space for an inviting feel to your patio.

Colorful Plants

Shade your patio pergola with colorful and vibrant creeping vines like jasmine or wisteria. Plant them at the base of your pergola to grow around each post and over for your very own green roof. Add perennial vines, which will come back every year healthier, for a long-lasting and stunning design. Under the pergola, and around the perimeter of the patio, nestle containers filled with colorful flowers and plants. Plant an evergreen tree like an Alberta spruce in the container for height and color all year round, even in the cool winter months. For color and a fun cascading effect to your design, hang baskets of billowing petunias and verbena from the pergola posts. Both with their wide range of color choices, these summer-blooming plants are sure to jazz up the patio.

Outdoor Living

Patios are always a great place for outdoor living and dining. Create a floor to your patio using soft smooth pebbles. With their neutral and earth-toned colors, they feel smooth on bare feet and can be layered around the space. Add a comfortable patio set under the pergola and over the pebbles to use all year round. Add accent tables around the patio for added seating when entertaining, and a place for enjoying your morning coffee. Accessories like colorful pillows are a must in your outdoor space and will add soft touches of color. Think about using the same colors found in the blooms colors of your flowers for the accessory colors.


Add warmth to the patio using outdoor lights. Nestle a string of outdoor lights within the creeping vines for a magical glow at night. Solar lights are also a great way to light up your patio space. Because they require sun to recharge their batteries during the day, don't forget to situate them in full sun. At dusk watch them flicker on to bring a cozy and inviting feel to the space. Paper lanterns are also a fun way to bring light to your space. Hang them from the pergola for a well lit ceiling to your space. Use colorful paper lanterns to bring in additional design to the space.

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