How to Get Free Flower Seeds


Expanding flower beds and planting new ones gets expensive if you depend upon nursery-grown bedding plants or purchased flower seeds for all your plants. Buying seeds isn't the only option if you want an impressive flower garden. Save seeds from your existing plants or from those of a friend or neighbor. Seed saving requires no special tools. It primarily consists of timing to ensure you get the free seeds when they are fully mature and likely to be viable.

Step 1

Allow the flowers on the plant to die and whither on their own. Inspect the plant to find if the seeds are being produced in pods or directly under the wilting petals. Seeds are usually produced at the end of the blooming season for short-season flower varieties or throughout the season for those that bloom all summer.

Step 2

Pick the flower stems after most of the petals have dried or fallen off. Pick pods once they begin to dry and darken.

Step 3

Split open the pods and remove the seeds or separate the seed clusters from the flower stalk. Spread them out on a paper towel.

Step 4

Set the seeds in a warm, dry room. Allow them to cure for two weeks to ensure they are evenly dry.

Step 5

Label an envelope with the flower variety and year harvested. Store in a cool, dry place until spring planting.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some flower seeds require a period of cold storage or need to be nicked for the seed to grow. Check the requirements for the types of seed you collect, because you won't have that information easily available on a seed envelope.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels
  • Envelopes


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