How to Carve Fruit Baskets


A skillfully carved fruit basket, full of melon balls, berries and other fruits, makes a beautiful and delicious centerpiece for any gettogether. While it might look like a challenging project, it's actually quite easy and can be created from any large fruit that can be hollowed out. A medium-sized watermelon is an excellent first choice. Designing and making a fruit bowl requires just a couple of simple tools, including a keyhole saw for carving. This is a very thin, pointed saw that you can buy at any hardware store. The only other things you need are a little time, patience and creativity.

Carving your Fruit Bowl

Step 1

Select a ripe, medium-sized watermelon with good coloring and no blemishes on the skin. Check the shape of the melon to make sure it is even an not lopsided.

Step 2

Select the side you want to be the base of the basket. Using a large, sharp kitchen knife, slice a thin piece of the skin to form the flat part of the base.

Step 3

Roll the watermelon onto the base for stability. Using the permanent marker, draw a horizontal line around the circumference of the melon. Be creative. You can make wavy lines, geometric patterns or bold curves, or keep it simple, if you wish.

Step 4

Draw two lines from one side of the line on the melon to the other side to form the handle.

Step 5

Insert the tip of the keyhole saw into the melon, just below the line you have drawn around it. Start sawing, carefully, just below the line. Follow the line around to the handle and saw around and up across the melon to the other side then back around to where you began. This will complete the fist cut. Repeat the process on the other side of the melon.

Step 6

Separate the cut sides from the body of the melon. Use a small kitchen knife to release the fruit inside, if needed.

Step 7

Take the small kitchen knife and carefully remove as much of the melon flesh in the basket as possible, without damaging the melon. Complete the process of hollowing out the basket with a large spoon.

Step 8

Remove any residual pen marks on the melon with an emery board. You can also decorate the basket with flowers, citrus slices or fruit, attaching them to the basket with toothpicks. Fill the basket with fruit salad, ice cream, trifle or whatever you heart desires.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium-sized watermelon
  • Permanent marking pen
  • Large kitchen knife
  • Small kitchen knife
  • Keyhole saw
  • Emery board
  • Large spoon


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