What Plants Can Be Used to Make Paper?

While the Ancient Egyptians used papyrus to make their paper, modern paper is made from all sorts of plant sources. Paper is made from plant fiber that is smashed into a pulp and the plant's cellulose is removed to make the paper. Cellulose is the only part of the plant needed to make paper.


Many softwood trees are used to make paper including pine, spruce and fir. Hardwood trees used for making paper are birch, oak and maple. The higher the amount of cellulose in the tree the better it is for paper making.

Rice Paper Plant

While rice paper isn't made out of real rice plants, it was made out of the rice paper plant or Tetrapanax papyriferus during the early 1900s. However, today rice paper is made out of bamboo and paper mulberry instead.

Other Plants

Cotton is used in high quality papers and in paper money for its durability. Bamboo, wheat straw, hemp and flax are also all plants used to make paper of different types all over the world. In India, where trees are scarce, bamboo is used readily.

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