Calla Lily Mango Flower Information


Mango calla lilies, botanically named Zantedeschia, derive their common name from the mango fruit. Blooming in early to mid-summer, they grow from 14 to 18 inch rhizomes in USDA hardiness zones 9-11.

Size & Shape

These plants produce large, trumpet-shaped blooms that typically measure two to three inches. As a whole, they grow two to three feet high.

Stem & Foliage

The flowers sit on a long, smooth stem and grow over deep green, lush, spotted foliage.


Yellow at the base of the flower turns into an orange tone at the tips of the flowers. These lilies can also have red hues.

Soil & Sun

Mango calla lilies require planting in well-drained soil and exposure to full sunlight.


These plants look great as lone flowers or as part of a bouquet, in borders and beds, for specimen plantings and special accents, or for growing in tubs to provide patio color.


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