Cheap Garden Tools

You don't have to spend a lot of money on gardening tools. In fact, you can save money while improving the look of your garden using everyday household items. They are simple to make and are cheap gardening tools with a long shelf life. Look around your home for items that can be transformed into a useful gardening tool, and without breaking your budget.

Milk Jug

Milk jugs are an affordable garden tool to use for a wide range of garden processes. Clean out half gallon and gallon sized milk jugs. The simple milk jug scoop is perfect for scattering fertilizer around your garden or sprinkling birdseed. To create this milk jug scoop, make two separate horizontal cuts on each side of the jug and adjacent to the handle. Next, make two forward slanting diagonal cuts on the other sides for a flexible and versatile garden scoop. Milk jugs can also be used for a greenhouse for young transplants. Simply cut out the bottom of the milk jug and place the jug over the young plant. Regulate the temperature by removing the cap on the jug or keeping it on and your young transplants or seeds will be sure to survive a frost.

Kitchen Shears

Instead of spending money on an expensive pruner, use everyday kitchen shears. Kitchen shears are a cheap way to prune your bushes and cut back old herbs. Deadhead your rose blooms and other spent flowers with shears and keep them coming back. Use the shears for snipping your favorite flowers for creating your own bouquets. Always snip at a 45-degree angle, and you'll have a long-lasting and beautiful arrangement. Keep the shears inside your house to prevent them from rusting from the sprinklers or the rain.

Old Towels

A lightweight towel is perfect for covering your plants during a frost. Cut a soft terry cloth towel into strips to use for supporting your favorite vegetable and plant vines. Another garden tool to support your vegetables is an old and worn-out pair of pantyhose. Flexible and very pliable, cut them into thin strips for supporting tomato and sweet pea vines.

Yogurt Containers

Don't throw away your old yogurt containers. These small yet very functional containers can be used as your favorite gardening tool. Cut the bottom of the container off, wedge the container into the soil about inch and you have a small protective barrier for your young seedlings. For a small scoop, use the yogurt container for spreading fertilizer around your garden.

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