Ways to Wrap Potted Plants

Potted plants make a unique and environmentally friendly gift appropriate for many occasions. Using creative wrapping approaches adds personality and charm to potted gifts. In addition, wrapping can increase the overall attractiveness of most potted plants. And although many potted plants may be purchased with the standard shiny paper on them, some gift givers may want to try something more original.

Cloth Napkins

Culinary herbs such as basil, rosemary and thyme are common potted plants given to cooking enthusiasts. However, the theme really hits home when you wrap the plant in a festive cloth napkin. Choose a napkin that matches the gift recipient's kitchen. Center the plant in the middle of a square napkin and tie the napkin in two points: the center of the pot, and the top of the pot. This will delight the gift recipient as well as ensure that the plant matches its new kitchen home. Tie the napkin with a complementary ribbon to hold the napkin and finish off the look.

Crepe Paper

Crepe paper offers an excellent wrap for potted amaryllises because the paper mimics the flower's blossoms. However, this idea can be used for any potted plants. Simply cut the crepe paper slightly shorter that the width around the pot. Then stretch the paper to fit and tape into place. In addition acrylic paint can be applied to the borders for added color and design.

Personalized Tag

Some gifts are best embellished in the simplest, most personalized manner. For instance, take a picture of you and the gift recipient together and pasting it to a card. Then punch a small hole in the top of the card and attach it to the plant with a pretty ribbon threaded through the hole.

Art Projects

Children's crafts make great wrapping paper for small potted plants. Simply cut the paper into strips that can be wrapped around the pot and you have instant wrapping that makes the gift endearing for grandparents or other loved ones.

Tea Pots

Small miniature roses and similar houseplants look great in common household items such as a decorative tea pot. A houseplant that is wrapped in an item such as a teapot makes for a unique centerpiece and is a great gift for a holiday hostess. Use a complementary color and pattern to accentuate the plant and finish off a unique centerpiece.

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