How to Design a Shrub With Knock Out Roses


The Knock Out family of roses are trademarked hybrid shrub roses bred to thrive in an unusually broad range of climates and resist diseases and pests well. Depending on your particular cultivar of Knock Out rose and its age the shrubs range in size from a few feet up to 4 feet in height and up to 3 feet in spread. They are particularly striking when planted en masse and can be closely planted to create super shrubs or dramatic lengths of rose hedging.

Step 1

Determine the dimensions of the space you want your Knock Out rose shrubs to occupy in the garden. Allow at least a 2.5-foot diameter for each rose plant and calculate the number of rose shrubs that will reasonably fit in that space. Mark the planting spots for each rose plant.

Step 2

Select Knock Out rose shrubs of the same cultivar or color, such as all red or all yellow. You can also mix the complementary colors that Knock Outs come in--from pink to red to yellow according to your liking and garden theme.

Step 3

Dig your planting holes in their specified locations. Dig each hole twice the diameter of the root ball and at least as deep. Place the rose shrub in the hole at the same height it was growing in the nursery pot. Back fill the displaced soil and create a watering moat with the remaining excavated soil. Fill each moat twice allowing the water to percolate down between waterings.

Things You'll Need

  • Knock Out roses
  • Shovel
  • Rose


  • Conrad Pyle Co., Knock Out Rose Breeder
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