How to Choose Valentine's Day Flowers


Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to communicate your affection for those in your life. Whether for a widowed mother, a wife, a girlfriend or a new love, creating a Valentine's Day bouquet can be a great way to clearly and honestly convey your feelings. Because specific types and colors of flowers can have different meanings, it is important to choose flowers that appropriately match the message you want to send.

Step 1

Determine the exact type of relationship you have with the person for whom you are buying flowers. Is she your girlfriend, fiancée, wife or simply a friend or casual date?

Step 2

Determine what message you wish to convey to that particular person. For a friend, jasmine convey amiability and zinnias convey thoughts of absent friends. For a girlfriend or date, snowdrops convey hope and lilies convey purity. For a wife or fiancée, bluebells convey constancy and forget-me-nots speak of true love, while wallflowers attest to fidelity.

Step 3

Add in some roses in the appropriate color. Yellow roses are for friendship, white are for purity, pink are for young love, and red are for passion.

Step 4

Purchase an appropriate card to further communicate your intentions. Be sure to include a personal, handwritten message.


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