How to Mulch Grass Seed


Getting a new lawn started is no easy feat. There are a few things, however, that you can do to make the job easier. Spreading a layer of mulch on top of grass seed is one of those things. Mulch helps retain moisture, which is essential to getting a healthy lawn growing. It also reduces weeds, helps keep seeds in contact with the soil, and protects them from the wind and sun.

Step 1

Measure the area of your lawn where you've planted the grass seed, noting both the length and the width.

Step 2

Multiply the length and width. The total is the area of your lawn in square feet.

Step 3

Calculate the amount of mulch you will need by multiplying the area of your lawn by .0031, and then multiplying that by .25. The total is the number of cubic yards of mulch you will need in order to cover your lawn in one-quarter inch of mulch.

Step 4

Set the fertilizer spreader to wide open.

Step 5

Spread the mulch evenly over the grass seed, making two passes on each area so that the mulch is about one-quarter inch thick over the grass seed.

Step 6

Water immediately to keep the mulch in place.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't spread the mulch too thick. Grass seeds need plenty of light to germinate.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Calculator
  • Fertilizer spreader


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