How to Replace a Line on an Echo Gas Trimmer


Echo manufactures several varieties of string trimmers. Not only is an Echo string trimmer durable, it is also easy to use and maintain. Replacing the line on string trimmers can be a difficult and frustrating task, depending on the model. Some models have screws holding the line cartridge in place and become difficult to remove once the plastic becomes hot. Echo has an easy-to-remove line cartridge that releases with a simple twist.

Step 1

Lay the string trimmer on the ground and lift up the end that houses the line cartridge. Place it on a surface that is waist high. This will make it easier for you to get the cartridge out and back in the trimmer again.

Step 2

Twist the black cartridge holding the line, counterclockwise, while pushing down slightly. The cartridge should easily release from the holder and pop out. The cartridge usually has arrows on it, showing you which direction to wind the line and twist the cartridge to remove it.

Step 3

Cut off a piece of trimmer line that is approximately 8-feet long. Fold the line in half to find the center and stick each end through the notch on the inside center of the cartridge. Pull the line tight, but allow one end to be approximately 4 inches longer than the other.

Step 4

Stick your index finger against the center of the cartridge and between each piece of line, separating them. Begin winding the two lines around the cartridge in a counterclockwise direction until you have approximately 6 to 7 inches left. Keep your finger between the lines as you wind them around the cartridge.

Step 5

Snap one line into the notch on the top of the cartridge and the other line into the other notch. Slip one end of line through the line hole on one side of the bottom of the trimmer and the other line through the other line hole. Pull the line out through the hole.

Step 6

Slip the cartridge back in place on the underside of the trimmer. Twist the cartridge in a clockwise direction to secure it. Cut the trimmer line to shorten it, if it is too long.

Things You'll Need

  • Trimmer line
  • Scissors


  • Echo USA
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