Instructions for Mounting Staghorn Ferns


Staghorn ferns are unusual and interesting plants that grow wild in jungles and tropical areas in many parts of the world. They are epiphytes, which means that they will attach themselves to other plants for sustenance. If you live in Hawaii or Florida, you can attach a staghorn fern to a tree. Otherwise, you'll need to attach it to a sturdy surface and provide the plant with water and nutrients.

Step 1

Choose a solid mounting surface for the staghorn fern, such as a piece of driftwood or a piece of mahogany, oak or redwood. Although the mounting surface can be any size you like, a larger piece of wood will mean the staghorn fern won't require re-mounting in the near future.

Step 2

Attach a strong hook, chain or wire loop on the back of the mounting surface. Use screws instead of nails, because the staghorn will eventually get very heavy, especially when it's wet.

Step 3

Tack eight to 10 short nails on the front of the mounting board. When the staghorn is installed in the center of the board, there should be four to five nails about an inch from each side of the fern.

Step 4

Soak a large handful of sphagnum moss in a bowl of water until it's wet through. The moss should be large enough to cover the roots of the staghorn fern. Squeeze the excess water from the moss and wrap it loosely around the staghorn's roots.

Step 5

Position the staghorn fern on the mounting board. Connect a length of clear fishing line or wire to one of the nails on the front of the board, and pull it across to a nail on the opposite side. Continue to cross the fishing line or wire back and forth until the staghorn is securely mounted. Eventually, it will be hidden by the fern.

Things You'll Need

  • Solid mounting surface
  • Strong chain, hook or wire loop
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Bowl
  • Clear fishing line or wire


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