Plant Shelf Ideas

Showing off your plants in a display of beauty is just as enjoyable as growing them. Shelving is an organized and eye appealing way to do it. Plant shelf ideas run the gamut from indoor wall fixtures to outdoor plant stands with tiered shelves. Make your own plant shelf displays or incorporate designer plant shelves as a focal point in a room. Whichever idea you choose, your plants will shine as a living and natural style accent in the room.

Make Your Own Plant Shelves

If you are looking for some frugal plant shelf ideas, consider a do-it-yourself project. You can easily make your own plant shelves to mount in a corner of a room, on a wall, or along a windowsill. Particle board and treated wood are good sturdy materials for potted plant displays. Making your own plant shelves gives you more creative freedom since you can paint them the color of your choice and add stenciled designs or other accents. You can also create your own plant shelves from materials already in your home. Paint an old stepladder or use square plastic crates to create free-standing floor plant shelves. Both also work well for outdoor plant shelving displays.

Decorative Shelves

Decorative wall shelves are the ideal solution for displaying plants in a formal living or dining room. Home and garden stores carry traditional, contemporary, country and modern shelving for matching every room style. Some plant shelf ideas include a modern curved glass plant shelf, a country wall shelf, an ornate corner shelf, a wrought iron scrolled wall shelf and a wicker shelving display. Additional decorative plant shelf ideas are free standing so they can be moved around when refreshing a room's decor or brought outdoors for the season. The multiple shelf structures range in straight ornate plant stands to elegant curved designs.

Tiered Shelves

One of the most impressive plant shelf design is tiered style. Designed for walls, they can be used indoors or affixed to outer walls of outdoor structures. Some tiered systems are free forming so you can move the shelves into different configurations to give the area a new look from time to time. Others are artistic creations that add a touch of elegance to a room. Some tiered plant shelf ideas to consider are box-shaped shelves that create a tree design and grid-like shelves that form a circular design in the center. Other types of tiered plant shelves are open panel displays where you can create your own geometric design with single, double or triple shelves.

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