How to Plant Auger Bulbs


Auger bulbs are simply flower bulbs that can be planted after an auger is used to drill holes in the soil. This is especially useful when large amounts of bulbs need to be planted. The auger makes the work simple and with a well-powered electric drill you can expect to plant almost one hundred bulbs in an hour. That sure beats getting on your hands and knees and digging one hole at a time with a hand shovel. There are just a few steps to planting beautiful bulbs with an auger.

Step 1

Find an area where you want to grow your bulbs. Typically, spring flowering bulbs should be planted in October before the ground freezes. You want a spot where the soil is not too rocky or you will not be able to use the auger. Summer flowering bulbs can be planted in the spring just after the grounds thaws, but they are generally removed in the fall and so are not planted in mass quantity like the spring bulbs.

Step 2

Choose your bulbs. Spring flowering bulbs tend to be the tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, dutch iris, snowdrops, crocus, lily of the snows, flowering onions and whatever else you can find at your local garden center. Planning a mass planting or flowing masses will produce an amazing effect in the spring and they will keep coming back every year with more flowers.

Step 3

Drill down six to eight inches with your auger. This depth is crucial to the survival of the bulbs. If you plant higher, not only are they prime food for the squirrels but the freezing of the ground during the winter will probably heave them up out of the soil. Very small bulbs like the grape hyacinth need only about three inches in depth. Generally, the larger the bulb, the deeper the hole.

Step 4

Set one bulb in each hole with the flattened end down and the pointed end up. This way the roots will go down and the flowers will grow up towards the light. You can either push the dirt back into each hole as you go or place all the bulbs in and then rake the dirt back into the hole when you have finished.

Step 5

Press the soil back into place and water it well. If you still have several weeks of non-freezing weather, make sure the soil is watered before it freezes. You can cover the area with a root mulch to cover the soil and prevent erosion.

Things You'll Need

  • Auger (3 inch) with long shaft (3 feet)
  • Electric drill
  • Bulbs
  • Rake


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