Primrose Plants List

Primroses (known botanically as primula) are flowering perennials that bloom from early spring though early summer. There are 27 identified species of primrose with 63 unique cultivars among those species. Primrose grow in a wide range of climates from USDA Zones 3 through 9 and are winter hardy in zones 7 though 9. They produce flowers in a wide range of hues and often have a contrasting central throat in yellow or white. Primrose are popular bedding plants that are often planted en masse or enjoyed as seasonal indoor plants.

White & Pink Primroses

Many species and cultivars of primrose can bloom in several colors but when choosing for the garden by color family, consistently popular white and pink flowering primroses include: Beesiana, chionantha, nivales, farinosa, frondosa, juliae, juliana, kisoana, latifolia, polyantha, pubescens auricula, rubra and saxatilis.

Red, Yellow & Orange Primroses

Warm-hued primroses that bloom consistently in shades of red, yellow and orange include: Pulverulenta, vulgaris, veris, sikkimensis, auricula, bulleyana, florinda, chungensis and helodoxa.

Purple & Blue Primroses

Cool toned lavender, purple or violet blue blooming primroses include: Bulleesiana, denticulata, vialii, sieboldii, japonica and flaccida.

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