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Palm trees are native to tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions around the world. They have large, evergreen fronds and can produce edible fruit such as dates and coconuts. They are tolerant of neglect and can be grown in most areas with only routine maintenance.

Light Requirements

Palm trees require full sunlight throughout the day to thrive. They can be grown in partial shade with some success, but will not reach their full potential there.

Soil Requirements

Newly planted palm trees require fertile, well-drained soil that will not become waterlogged. Established palm trees also need well-drained soil, but do not require high fertility.


A deep soaking of water once per week is adequate for palm trees. They are drought tolerant and can often survive long periods of time without water. They will thrive with frequent applications, however.


Palm trees require a 20-10-20 NPK fertilizer three times per year: once in April, once in June, and again in August.


Remove dead palm tree fronds as soon as they turn yellow-brown in color. These fronds can be a fire risk and are sometimes inhabited by pests.


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