General Information on Grass Fertilizer


Whether you apply it yourself or have it professionally done, grass fertilizer is a gardening staple with which all homeowners have some experience. Some basics of fertilization are the same under either circumstance.


Grass fertilizer is available to work as a slow-release or immediate release fertilizer. It can also be purchased as a chemical or organic variety.


Fertilizer can be purchased as a liquid or in granular form. Granular form is the most commonly used type and also the less expensive of the two forms.

When to Apply

Most fertilizers should be used at least twice during a growing season. The time it is applied will vary depending upon whether the grass is a cool-season grass or a warm-season grass.

How to Apply

Fertilizers in a granular form are best applied with a broadcast spreader. Broadcast feeders are pushed across a turf and will evenly distribute the material. A bottle of liquid fertilizer is attached to a garden hose and applied by spraying the product..

How Long It Lasts

Most fertilizers last approximately three months.


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