Plant Bulbs & Growth


Plant bulbs offer gardeners an economical, lasting way to add color to their landscape. Although planting bulbs requires some waiting for growth, meeting their specific needs will yield the texture and variety that makes gardens attractive.


Bulbs are available in a long-lived variety; this helps ensure the plant will grow year after year.

Planting Site

Plant bulbs should be planted in a location where they will receive sunlight through at least half the day.

Planting Depth

Plant bulbs in the ground at least three times the depth of the bulb. This is about 6 inches for most bulbs.

When to Plant

Plant bulbs when the soil temperature is around 60 degrees. Some bulbs are specific to the spring and fall, when temperatures are in this range.


Provide routine watering for bulbs during their growing season. Average rainfall may not provide the necessary water it needs, alone.


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