How to Graft Patio Peach Trees


Grafting is the technique of combining a stick with leaf buds (scion) from one variety of plant with the stump and root (root stalk) of another. When creating a patio peach tree, a certain fruit variety is combined with a root system designed for potting. When grafting, avoid using a root stalk that is older than three years of age, to ensure the best chance of a successful graft and vigorous growth.

Step 1

Cut a bud stick that is approximately three to four inches in length. There should only be leaf buds, not developing leaves, on the bud stick. The bud stick should be roughly 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter. Keep the bud stick in your mouth until you are ready to place it on the root stalk to ensure the tip does not dry out.

Step 2

Cut an upside down "T" in the bark portion of the root stalk. The "T" should be 1/2 inch long at the bottom and 1 inch tall. Remember to only cut through the rough portion of the bark to create an insertion point for the bud stick.

Step 3

Slice the bud stick's end into a diagonal and insert it into the bark of the root stalk so that the entire diagonal portion is inside the stump's bark.

Step 4

Wrap the entire grafting area tightly with budding tape and leave it to heal for roughly 8 weeks. Remove the budding tape when new growth begins to develop on the bud stick.

Things You'll Need

  • Razor-sharp grafting knife
  • Bud sticks
  • Established peach root stalk
  • 1/2-inch clear polyethylene budding tape


  • Grafting Fruit Trees
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