Growing Hollyhocks From Seeds


Hollyhocks are tall, flowering plants with a mass of blossoms that are often seen growing next to houses and in flower beds. The plants can grow 6-10 feet tall. They are mostly a biennial that self- seeds, so are easily mistaken for a perennial flowering plant. The hollyhock is fairly simple to grow from seeds as long as you are patient. The hollyhock seed can be planted in early summer or fall. The second year of growth will be the time that you notice the sturdy stalks and dozens of large blossoms. Start seeds indoors if you have a short growing period.

Step 1

Choose a spot with full sun and a well-drained area of soil. Keep in mind that the hollyhock plant can grow to a height of at least 6 feet if you are near a house, wires, clothesline and windows.

Step 2

Till and remove stones from the soil. Hollyhocks need space to establish a strong root system. Mix compost into the soil for nutrients.

Step 3

Scatter the hollyhock seeds in the area where you want them to grow. It is fine to plant other plants in the same flower bed.

Step 4

Lightly cover the hollyhock seeds with 1/4 inch of fine soil. You can sift it through a piece of screen to separate any tiny stones and clumps.

Step 5

Water the flower bed lightly until the seeds germinate and begin to grow.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use a heating pad when growing hollyhock seeds inside.


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