How to Make Compost From Bread Crumbs


Many conventional composting experts say that you shouldn't place bread in your compost, because the bread will attract vermin. However, bread crumbs will compost as well as any other organic matter. Bread is classified as an organic "green," or a substance that is rich in nitrogen. And while large pieces of bread can take awhile to break down, small crumbs can dissolve quickly in a compost pile. The trick to composting bread crumbs is to keep vermin away from them.

Step 1

Select a compost bin that vermin can't get to, such as a compost tumbler. This type of bin will help keep vermin away from your compost.

Step 2

Cover the inside of a pallet bin with chicken wire. By cutting the sides of the wire to the size of the bin and attaching the wire with fencing staples. Cover all sides, including the tops and bottoms. This will help keep rodents out while still allowing beneficial earthworms to crawl into the compost bin.

Step 3

Include slightly more brown organic matter, which is rich in carbon, into your pile than you do green organic matter. This will help to keep the compost from stinking as the pile breaks down.

Step 4

Bury your bread crumbs in the center of your compost pile. This will prevent the smell from escaping to attract vermin.

Step 5

Turn your compost pile frequently. Tumbler bins will only need to have the drum turned in order to mix the compost. For a pallet bin, you must open the bin and turn the compost manually with a garden fork. Frequently turning the compost pile will help the contents, including the bread crumbs, to break down faster.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid composting bread that has been soaked in oils or fats such as cooking oil or butter. Oils and fats can disturb the microbial balance of your compost pile. Examples of breads to avoid include pizza crusts, buttered biscuits and Italian bread with garlic butter spread on it.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic compost tumbler bin with a tightly fitting lid
  • Pallet bin
  • Chicken wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Fencing staples
  • Hammer
  • Green organic matter, including bread crumbs and other kitchen scraps
  • Brown organic matter, such as dead leaves and shredded newspaper
  • Garden fork


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