How to Make a Bamboo Cucumber Trellis


Trellising is important to support heavy climbers like cucumber plants and encourage them to grow upward. In addition to saving garden space, trellises enable you to grow other plants on the ground, protect cucumbers from pests such as rodents and make it easier for you to harvest them before they rot. A bamboo teepee trellis is functional and decorative; it supports your climbing cucumber plants as they grow, while creating visual interest in your garden or yard.

Step 1

Design your trellis on paper to help you determine how it will look. Use a combination of vertical and horizontal poles to create a decorative trellis that complements the surrounding landscape. Clearly draw and space all horizontal and vertical lengths. Cucumbers are heavy vegetables, so keep in mind that you should use several bamboo poles to support them properly. Also make sure the trellis is at least 6 feet above the ground. Make all amendments on paper until you have the shape you like.

Step 2

Purchase 8-foot long bamboo poles from your local nursery or garden supply center; buy as many as your design calls for. You can either purchase them pre-cut, or cut them to size. Place the bamboo pole on a flat surface, measure and mark the appropriate length. Use a handsaw to make the cut over the mark. Also cut horizontal bamboo canes to size.

Step 3

Select a suitable spot in your garden to plant the cucumber seeds. Ideally, this should be a sunny spot with well drained soil. Clear all weeds, rocks, stones and debris from the site and collect them in a wheelbarrow to dispose off later. Level the area with a rake so the trellis will be tall and straight.

Step 4

Arrange the bamboo poles on a clean dry floor in the shape of your designed trellis. Keep checking the paper to make sure you have the appropriate shape and distance between each pole. Place intersecting poles over the ones on the ground, and mark the intersection with a pen. This will help you demarcate where you need to join two poles.

Step 5

Take a length of lashing cord and wind it around two poles at each intersection or cross section three to four times, to connect them securely together. Trim the excess length of cord with scissors once two poles are connected firmly, and begin connecting two other poles. Continue this procedure until all your intersecting bamboo poles are securely joined.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • 8-foot tall,1-inch diameter bamboo poles
  • Handsaw
  • Gloves
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Cucumber seeds
  • Rake
  • Lashing cord
  • Scissors


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