How to Make Your Own Grow Light Stand


Grow light stands make it possible to garden year round by growing plants indoors. Commercial grow light stands can be expensive, ranging from $75 to $500. Save your hard-earned money and make your own stand. Purchase a three-tier wire rack shelf kit and two plug-in-type grow lights at the hardware store. The advantage to plug-in grow lights is that they are ready to operate straight out of the box. Make your own grow light stand, or several, in one afternoon.

Step 1

Set the casters into the bottom of each of the four poles of the shelving kit. Use a mallet to tap each caster into the pole until the caster locks into position. Clips come in two pieces that snap around the poles for the shelves to set. Place clips around the bottom of each pole directly above the casters and press the two pieces of clip together until they lock into place.

Step 2

Place one shelf on its side with the bottom of the shelf pointing to you. Insert the top of the poles into the corners of the shelf through the bottom. Grab the upper two poles and pull up to place the assembly on the casters. Press the corners of the shelf down to seat the shelf over the clips.

Step 3

Determine where you want the next shelf. Consider the plants you'll place on the lower shelf. Attach a shelf clip on one of the poles for the second shelf. Count the ridges from the lower shelf to the bottom of the clip. Place the other three clips on each of the other poles according to notch count. This will ensure that the shelf is even.

Step 4

Insert the shelf over the top of the side poles and slide the shelf over the clips. Use a mallet to tap the corners of the shelf over the clips to secure the shelf. Attach clips 1 inch from the top of the poles and place the top shelf over the clips.

Step 5

Attach one end of the grow light fixture under the middle of the second shelf. Use the chain supplied with the grow light and attach one end of the chain to the side of an end on the grow light. Loop the chain over a couple of the wires on the wire shelf and hook the other end of the chain to the other side of the fixture on the same end. Repeat the process for the opposite end of the grow light. Attach another grow light to the bottom of the top shelf.

Step 6

Slide the grow light tubes into the fixtures and twist the tubes to lock them into place in the fixtures. Position the shelving unit near a wall outlet for the grow light power cords.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire shelving kit
  • Mallet
  • 2 grow light fixtures


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