How to Prune a Bonzai


Bonsai trees are popular worldwide, and have been for over 1,000 years, when they were first grown in China. Bonsai trees are grown in and out of doors, are kept small for apartment windowsills or reach several feet tall in outdoor patio gardens. Pruning a Bonsai tree requires a fairly significant time commitment, as they do tend to grow fairly rapidly and require pruning to maintain an aesthetically appealing shape, but the pruning process is a simple task that does not require specialized gardening or pruning skills.

Step 1

Spread a trash bag onto the floor or ground where you plan to prune your Bonsai.

Step 2

Place your Bonsai tree onto the flattened trash bag. This will ensure that Bonsai tree clippings do not remain on your floor or patio.

Step 3

Put on your gardening gloves before using pruning shears. It is important to protect your hands while working with a sharp blade.

Step 4

Use your pruning shears to cut back excess Bonsai growth, as if you were giving a friend a haircut. Prune as little or as much as you wish to maintain the shape and size of your space.

Step 5

Dispose of clipped Bonsai leaves into a trash or compost bin.

Things You'll Need

  • Bonsai tree
  • Gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Trash bags


  • History of Bonsai
  • Bonsai Tree Pruning
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